George Washington Praying

Please show to one child: George Washington Praying

George Washington was shot at repeatedly (in the French & Indian War) and had horses shot out from under him, yet, he was untouched, even though his vest had many BULLET HOLES IN IT! He wrote this to his sister, giving God the Glory for his safety. This is only HALF of this amazing story – [i.e. what the Great Indian Chief told him years later] your kids have NEVER heard it. Tell them; read 5 min at a time of this book to them:

"The Light and the Glory" by Peter Marshall & David Manuel (Revell Press) AWESOME AWESOME! read Thanksgiving at Valley Forge, and Christopher Columbus' private diary 'hidden' in Italian how the Holy Spirit showed him HOW to come to America, & WHY & HOW TO GET BACK!! Your library will get a copy for you or order it on Amazon; you will NEVER regret it! Praise God for OUR LIBERTY!!!!! ON EVERY SCHOOL WALL???? GEORGE WASHINGTON PRAYING…. In August, print a copy and place it on your child’s classroom wall; I can guarantee they’ve never seen this before at public school.

GEORGE WASHINGTON PRAYING (It’s a painting actually.)
Also, Read anything by David Barton.
Let each generation tell its children of Your mighty acts. Psalm 145:4 THE BOOK