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Tyndale: Martyr-last words spoken-was tied to the stake, strangled, and consumed with fire 1536

"Lord, open the King of England's eyes." (Martyr - last words spoken - was tied to the stake, strangled, and consumed with fire)...William Tyndale 1484-1536 - from Steve Hill's Bible guide ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. A CLASSIC BIBLE READING GUIDE compiled by Stephen L Hill….he chose AWESOME quotes for each day’s reading from Robert Murray McCheyne’s famous Bible reading guide – find it on the Internet; you’ll never neglect the Word in your life again! I promise….

Hold your Bible to your chest and say, "Lord, I love my Bible!" Why? b/c it's the ONLY TRUTH there is. Blood-stained pages are in Orlando [Holy Land Experience] at the mock-up of TYNDALE'S printing press office. Tyndale was BURNED AT THE STAKE IN 1536. We have a Bible at home b/c of his sacrifice. Jesus is LORD! Pass this on if you will….   

Thanks, Diana