God Is Not A Foam Truck

God is not a genie by whom we rub the lamp saying, “Hocus, Pokus” and all our fleshy wishes immediately come true. He does not perform supernatural feats to please us or change our world or obediently lay at our feet riches, fame, and wealth because we ordered Him around.
In the ’70’s, a very pregnant wife told me as I ‘lent’ her my maternity clothes, “I know God could change the sex of this baby right now if He wanted to!” She used much more graphic language than that, and I remember being repulsed at the idea that God would perform like a genie at our every whim.


Our son, now a commercial pilot, was flying with his buddy in his Commander – accruing flight hours, you know – while they were in college. Upon landing approach, a size able piece of metal tore loose from the propeller area and slung up under the motor with a terrific clang. All emergency procedures went into place; our son commanded the radio, communicating with the emergency rescuers as his friend endeavored to bring his plane down safely. All went well, as the foam trucks and other rescue vehicles ran alongside of them on the runway! Our son later asked them how they got there so quickly, “We have only 8 seconds to embark, or else we have to drill all day!” God spoke to me not long after that about His NOT BEING a foam truck – in other words, He is not there JUST as our emergency rescuer, but desires a rich, intimate on-going fellowship with us, AS WELL AS being there for us to call upon Him when in trouble.
Years later I pulled up a YouTube clip of foam trucks dousing the runway and a flaming tire well of a huge cargo jet that had emergency landed. The trucks stayed at a distance, hurling projectiles of white foam that suffocated the flames by separating them and any spilled fuel from oxygen, denying further combustion. The whole rescue was quite a show - very intense, as well as laborious. I know those pilots were thankful for the rescuers and all that foam that preserved their lives. The Lord reminded me, “God is not a foam truck!” I heard it again this morning and wrote this piece at His direction.


A co-pilot is in command of the plane only when the Captain relinquishes control. [author’s message, author’s message! Selah! –pause, read it again, and spend time considering it. ] We are certainly responsible for our choices and actions, but God insists on our obedience to His Word. WHY? Is He just being bossy and mean? No, it is for our protection, happiness, and usefulness during the time allotted to us while we are here on Earth. We are not just here on a lark to make our own decisions – a frolic on our own, as it were. That is why SO many people are empty and dissatisfied, struggling to get an ounce of pleasure out of today, with no guarantee of tomorrow. Brother Norvel’s message, “Obey God, or SUFFER,” is an Eternal Truth. Obedience is better than sacrifice, and pleasing God is the only real way we can be fulfilled and enjoy the basic need to be useful. It is IMPOSSIBLE, though, to please God without FAITH- the God-kind of faith that 1. brings dead things to life and 2. calls those things that be NOT as though they WERE. Changing your world according to God’s WORD is the ONLY thing in this life that brings fulfillment and joy to US and PLEASURE to God - NOT just ‘letting Him Co-pilot’ at our whim. Hear it, Hear it!

Blessings, Diana Smith Highsmith