Overland Mission

I hope if I have any stars in my crown, it will be for helping Overland Missions win souls as they  go to the uttermost ends of the earth to preach the gospel to any and every living creature! They traverse the earth going to the most remote parts of the globe to find 2 or 3 people who have never heard about Jesus Christ, but Coke and Direct TV beat them there! Isn’t that a horrible indictment against the Body of Christ in general?

Anyway, these precious young folks thrive on welding their vehicles back together to get to the next tribe or village, or to a single person who is precious to the Lord; they say, “We are called to ‘the few’…and they find them by…? Looking for huts along the Amazon on Google Earth!!! Or in the remote bush country on the African Continent! And many of the Earth’s most remote islands.

It’s what I’ve always wanted to do, but now I’m too old…. But…I can help them by prayer, raising support, and hopefully doing a short-term mission…. maybe teaching English, keyboard or guitar, or just peeling potatoes…like I did on 3 mercy ship sails peeling carrots -  I’ve never been so happy. Helping others win the lost is precious to God (‘staying by the stuff’, as King David called it.) Their base camp is where Dr. Livingston was by Victoria Falls in Uganda. They have many more bases throughout the world. Please watch their videos on . You will never regret it.