It’s A Wonderful Life – Better than the movie!

Do you remember the man with his skin hanging off his arms after the explosion who has no scars on his face, arms or lungs? I heard him and his wife sing last night and he was really praising Jesus. I heard of many other miracles as well. Do you remember the man who escaped  harm from the worst disaster in aviation history? He had prayed to God for a safe-round trip, and God answered! Remember the woman who was raped, got 2 STD’s, and she got healed in a miracle meeting?

Remember the baby twin, born blind, and now she sees and is on grade level? Remember the sailor who saw Jesus with arms outstretched gliding in front of his ship, and the kamikaze pilot and his unexploded bomb didn’t hurt the ship or crew? Remember aunt Thelma rising out of her wheel chair? What about the witch in Haiti who got saved and asked the christian s to burn her witchcraft stuff…and they did!

There are thousands of testimonies greater than this! yes, Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever! He is wonderful, and it’s a wonderful life –better than the movie - if you surrender all your problems to Jesus and  allow him to help you here on earth, as well as going to heaven when your spirit leaves your body.